How to Rank My YouTube Videos on Top

How to Rank My YouTube Videos on Top

How to Rank My Youtube Channel videos on Top:

There are many people these days who wants to make their own youtube channel and first thing what comes to their mind is “How to Rank My Youtube Channel videos on Top”. “How to get more views or watch time on my YouTube videos”.

Do You also want to know about this. Then focus on these below mentioned points.

  1. Publish your original/unique content. Otherwise there will be copyright strike or copyright claim from YouTube or the owner of the content.
  2. Select Solid Niche in which you want to make videos. You can make videos on more than one niche as well. But do it with effectiveness.
  3. Promote your YouTube video links on social media like Facebook, Whats app, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.
  4. Select Those Keywords which are searched mostly and are popular and write those in your title, description and tags.
  5. Make eye catching thumbnails. So that after seeing this visitors can’t resist to see your video.
  6. Make Playlists of different topics and similar kind of videos should come under one Playlist.
  7. Don’t make any kind of violent, nude, Objectionable videos. Also Don’t make any kind of videos which can hurt sentiments of any country, religion or community.
  8. Check which topics are popular in you tube and try to make videos on that topic.
  9. Try to make videos on those topics which has not been covered yet or there are very few videos on those topics.
  10. Make videos confidently. Use whatever language you are comfortable with.
  11. Be Patient. It will take time. Just focus on above points and your videos will rank in top videos in tube tube.
  12. You can also take help of paid ads (Google, Facebook, Instagram, Quora etc.) for promotion for your YouTube channel videos if you are financially sound.

Do Analysis on Youtube Studio:

  1. Analyse your each video’s performance in YouTube Studio. How much Watch time is coming from Subscribers and Non-Subscribers, Average View Duration, Impression CTR, Audience Retention.
  2. Which is the Traffic source of Watch time, What are the Top YouTube Search terms, What is your audience (Male or Female, Kids or Any other age groups), Countries etc.

There are many things which you can analyse and improve in your uploaded videos as well as in next upcoming videos.

Do try all these mentioned points and it your videos will rank on top pages surely. It will take some time to get desired results and remember one thing that Patience is the key.

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