How to Change YouTube Channel Name?

How to Change Your YouTube Name: Step-by-Step Picture Instructions 

In this era, YouTube is extremely popular among all age groups. Many people are creating new channels everyday and many people are struggling to get it popular.

One of the main Point that comes in everyone’s mind is YouTube Channel name. Everyone wants to keep simple as well as unique name that is easy to remember for visitors.

While there are plenty of things in life you can’t go back and change. Fortunately, it doesn’t apply to YouTube. If you’re feeling bored with your YouTube channel name or you think that you haven’t kept your YouTube channel name as per your content then you might be thinking “Can I change my YouTube name?”. The answer is a Yes and below are the steps mentioned how to do so: 

It is very simple to change your YouTube channel name 3 times within 90 days.

1. Sign in to your YouTube account

Sign in to your YouTube account.

2. Go to your YouTube channel settings

Go to your youtube channel settings by clicking the Gear Symbol in your youtube channel as shown in below screen shot.

How to Change YouTube Channel Name

After Clicking Gear Symbol, Below window will open.

3. Change your YouTube name by clicking “Edit (Pen Symbol)”

How to Change YouTube Channel Name

Click the pen Symbol given for editing channel name. You can also edit your channel description. Below window will open then.

4. Enter your new YouTube channel name

How to Change YouTube Channel Name

Change whatever name you want to keep. Please note that 3 changes in name are allowed in 90 days time.

5. Confirm and finalize your YouTube name change

Finally, Confirm and finalize your youtube channel name.

Please also note that your Gmail account will not be changed by this method and will remain same.

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